Herkimer diamond Necklace

Herkimer diamond Necklace

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**please note this item is MADE TO ORDER and will take approximately 3 weeks to handcraft with love. Please also note stone and wrapping may not look exactly the same as photographed but will be similar as each stone and wrap is unique.*** 

18” faux suede cord 

 *may contain inclusions of other minerals, unsure of which kind. 

Herkimer Diamonds, a form of quartz crystal, are named after the location where they were first discovered in Herkimer County, New York, USA. Herkimer Diamonds can be clear or included. Inclusions are often black carbon deposits. Herkimer Diamonds differ from most quartz crystals in that they are double-terminated and not single terminated as most quartz. Double terminated crystals are known for their extreme clarity and are very effective tools for healing and meditation.

The Herkimer Diamond is a high vibration and powerful crystal known as the "attunement stone." It unites the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, multidimensional states with consciousness to create wholeness of being. Stimulating psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, spiritual vision, and telepathy, Herkimer Diamonds open one to guidance from higher dimensions and promotes dream recall. Herkimer Diamonds may also be used to access past-life information to recognize blockages or resistance to spiritual growth.

Because of its double terminated formation, a Herkimer Diamond is a useful tool to break old behavior patterns, as well as, retrieve and reintegrate parts of the soul that may have fragmented in other lives.

Herkimer Diamonds also help facilitate a gentle release and transformation, bringing forward your soul's purpose by attuning one to a much higher reality and acceleraterating their spiritual growth.

Herkimer Diamonds may be helpful for the dispersal of accumulated toxins in the body and for rebuilding cellular structure, correcting DNA/RNA, cellular disorders and metabolic imbalances.

Herkimer Diamonds may also protect against radioactivity and treats disease caused by contact. Theg help eliminate stress and tension from the body and help to align the energy structure of the user.

Herkimer Diamonds facilitate and create a powerful soul shield when journeying or undertaking spiritual work. Herkimer Diamonds are helpful tools for dream work as they stimulate inner vision and facilitate a heightened dream state. They can also help with overcoming insomnia.

They are excellent energy purifies and also magnify the frequency of other stones!

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