4 Ways To Protect Your Energy!

✨🧿 let’s talk ways to protect your energy 🧿✨

If you didn’t know it already, your energy is sacred, which is why you MUST (emphasize on the word must) protect it!

If you don’t, you will easily become drained, feel off, fatigued, out of sorts, or it could even be damaging to your health in the long run if you deal with constant energy drainers.


Let’s start off with what things drain our energy ⬇️

• other people (those that tend to be negative themselves, constantly take, toxic relationships, etc)
• technology (being online a ton, watching too much tv, being on your phone, all will drain you!)
• negative thoughts of our own (time to change that thought pattern!)
• weak boundaries (people pleasing is a fast way to energy drain-ville!)
• worrying, overthinking, listening to others opinions,
• inconsistent sleep/self care habits (this includes poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, etc!)


You’ve probably got a few of those that you deal with or do yourself and you’re probably nodding your head thinking, “ugh yes…. This needs to change.”

So.. I’ve got a few tips to help you protect your energy and hopefully change up some of your own patterns to help create more balance ⚖️and less 🔋DRAIN.


1. 💎 Crystals

While not a cure-all, there are CERTAIN crystals that to help with acting as a mitigator to protecting your energy. They will do the absorbing, deflecting, and protecting on your behalf (or at least for your energy field!)

Most often you will find that BLACK stones are the most protective ones. My theory is that black is a very grounding and absorbing type of color (hello black holes 🕳 anyone?) but that’s just my theory.

Some of my favorites to use for protection are:

• black tourmaline - for absorbing negativity and grounding
• shungite - for protection against emfs that are emitted from man-made technology and electronics
• obsidian - helpful for absorbing negativity that surrounds you from other people and helping you create better boundaries
• pyrite - for being an overall great protector and shield against any negative energies
• amethyst - this one is especially great for psychic attacks (meaning attacks on your spirit and mind)
• labradorite - another great one for protecting your aura and deflecting any negativity
• smoky quartz - perfect for keeping you grounded but also shielding you from absorbing too much negativity

**keep in mind these stones should be cleansed regularly as they soak up negativity like a sponge!!**

2. Cleanse yourself and your space.

Use cleansing tools like sage or Palo Santo, or any cleansing herb of choice. These herbs have properties that help rid of negative energies and they are also very purifying in general! 💨

You can cleanse your space as often as you like. I like cleansing a few times a week, sometimes more if I feel like I need it!

3. Visualize an energy shield 🛡 around you from the moment you wake up! this one is a lot simpler than you think! When you wake up, take a few moments to visualize yourself covered in white light (or whatever color you want) of divine protection. Ask your spiritual team (God, the universe, angels, etc) for help to protect you throughout your day from any negative sources that may try to attack you. Visualize that shield completely around your entire body like a bubble. You can even visualize them for your kids or pets or family members. This will add an extra layer of protection from harm’s way!

4. Create STRONGER boundaries! 🎯

➡️ this is a huge one especially because weak boundaries are usually the #1 reason for energy drain. If you have trouble saying “NO”, then chances are you have weak boundaries and by saying yes to everything (when you really want to say no) goes against your own needs and well being. Begin to practice saying no to things that do not serve you well. Yes, people might get upset, but remember, it is not your job to make them happy. It is your job to take care of your own well being and the well being of your family first! So if it doesn’t work for you, put that boundary in place. You don’t have to be mean about it, simply saying, “this doesn’t work for me right now” is a great start.

‼️Remember, boundaries may not even have to have anything to do with other people. You may also have weak boundaries with yourself - like working too much, not practicing enough self care, not getting enough sleep. So start putting those boundaries in place to start feeling more balanced.


Hopefully this is a great start to helping you protect your energy more!

Let me know if this has helped and which tip you are going to start utilizing! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻



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