Crystals to Help Bring You Calm & How to Use Them.


💜✨ the number one request I’ve gotten in the last month has been —— what crystals help with anxiety/depression? 💜✨

while it makes me happy to know that I can offer an alternative method to bringing your relief, it also makes me sad knowing how many are struggling right now and I wish I could do more to make that disappear for you.

I’ve experienced anxiety and depression for MANY years… over two decades to be exact. So I am very familiar with the uncomfortable experience it brings - but know this - if you are experiencing either (or both) - YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 👈🏻

With that said, I’ll teach you a few ways crystals can help combat these feelings.


Recommended crystals for anxiety/mood disorders:

Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, black tourmaline, Howlite, sodalite, lepidolite.

Others not mentioned in the graphic:
Hematite, rose quartz, rhodonite, smoky quartz, fluorite, moonstone, green aventurine

➡️ all of these crystals contain properties that help calm, ground, balance, or soothe the body and nervous system.

➡️ you can use them individually or you can combine them together based on your particular needs.


💜 How to ACTUALLY use them 👇🏻


➡️ use them during meditation. depending on the state of your anxiety/stress/depression, meditation can be quite beneficial as long as you are not in a heightened state of active anxiety (if you are, then use other methods to calm your sympathetic nervous system down). But in the long run, meditation can help create more calm in your day and decrease stress levels. adding crystals to your practice can help deepen that soothing and calming energy. Personally, I love to hold my crystals in my palms as they make me feel grounded. If I am laying down, I place a crystal near my root chakra (to encourage grounding) , my heart chakra (to encourage comfort and heart centeredness) and my third eye (to bring focus and clarity to soothe my overactive mind)

➡️ wear your crystals. (The obvious answer 😉) by wearing crystals in your bio field you are raising your own frequency which will help as you go about your day interacting with others. They will act as an extra layer of protection for your nervous system and give you that extra sense of calm and groundedness.

➡️ keep crystals in your purse or pockets. Crystals are like tools so they are wonderful to have in your arsenal as you go about your day. Carry a few of your favorites to offer extra comfort when you need it. pull one out and practice this quick exercise to help bring your focus back when you are the verge of panic.

✨ hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and begin to focus on the sensations that you feel when you are holding it. How does it feel? The texture? The temperature? How does the color make you feel? What emotions are you feeling? by directing your focus on these questions you are tricking your body into feeling safe and calm as it is not focused on its “fight or flight” response.


There are many ways to use your crystals, and at the end of the day, find what feels good for you!
There is no right or wrong way! 

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