How to Use Crystal Grids to Manifest Your Intentions

✨🌀 who’s ready to learn about crystal grids and how to use them?!? ✨

Since bringing out these handmade crystal grid offerings to my shop as a collaboration with DAGA Designs VIP , I’ve had the questions asked to me numerous times on how to actually use them!


There are multiple patterns you can use to form your crystal grids, however my favorite is the seed of life or metatron’s cube as these are the easiest to place.

With anything, it is my belief that when practicing or using your crystals, you should always do what is best for you and what feels aligned! Use your intuition to guide you! There really is no right or wrong way, as long as you are using your crystals for good and not harm!

✨Why do we use crystal grids? 🌀

Crystal grids are great to use when you are trying to direct energy flow towards a specific intention or manifestation into your life. The to grid will create that energy flow to bring more of that into your life so when you are creating your grid, make sure to first set your intention and BE VERY CLEAR with it as your grid will direct energy towards whatever you decide to use it for!

➡️ your center stone should be your ANCHOR stone - meaning whatever your intention is, choose your center stone as closely as possible to that intention.
✨For example, if you are manifesting more abundance - choose green aventurine, pyrite, or citrine as these are all stones that contain properties that align with abundance.

➡️ your outer stones should be stones that closely align with your anchor stone and help support your overall intention. Think of your crystal grid like a blend - you will want to create a blend that matches and aligns well so the energies all compliment each other and work together to create the energy that you are trying to manifest.

➡️ some say you should work your way in when placing your stones, some say you should work your way out as you place them on the grid. Personally… I always set up my anchor stone first and then work my way out.

➡️ once you are finished placing all your stones on the grid, you will want to connect all their energies together with a selenite wand or your finger if you do not have one. As you “connect the dots”, so to speak, you will want to speak your intention over the grid. You can always speak affirmations over it or whatever you feel called to doing. Just remember, your words are like spells and what you speak will be cast into the universe for multiplying. So make sure it is positive!


If you’ve made a grid or have one currently going, show it off below in the comments! I’d love to see them!

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