News Flash: Read this before using your crystals…


Someone asked me the other day if by purchasing this crystal, if it would essentially “heal” them from _____.


📣📣 now before you throw any hate towards me for the statement I’m about to make…. HEAR ME OUT. 📣📣

A crystal - ON ITS OWN - is NOT going to heal you.

Yes, crystals emit energy and carry their own frequency.
Yes, crystals can raise your own vibration/frequency and interact with your energetic field.
Yes, crystals contain many beneficial properties that encourage, motivate, cultivate, protect, absorb, etc that can contribute to your overall healing and well-being and/or protection.
Yes, crystals are an amazing natural form of healing energy to work with.
Yes, their energy can help to comfort us, keep us more calm, bring down our anxiety, or keep us stay grounded.

➡️➡️ But at the end of the day, I would be doing you a disservice and lying to you if I told you that if you bought such and such crystal, you would be automatically HEALED.

And honestly…saying that you are “healed” is such a misleading word, because in truth, we are NEVER fully healed. We are ALWAYS peeling back layers and layers of ourselves and finding new spaces to work through and heal. So we are never truly 100% healed. We may not be as triggered or we may not be as bothered, but there is always room for growth because if you stop growing, then what’s the point?!

So back to my point 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

➡️➡️➡️ crystals are energetic TOOLS that bring us one step closer towards bettering ourselves and improving our health (mental/physical/emotional/circumstantial/etc).
And they are AMAZING energetic tools at that!!!

Here’s an example 👇🏻

If you struggle with self love and you hold a rose quartz, you are not automatically going to be “healed” and suddenly jumping around loving yourself. Just like if you purchase a hammer, your new piece of furniture isn’t going to simply build itself.

💎 The crystal is like a tool in our tool belt.

➡️➡️ We use its energy to help raise our own frequency. We also use its energy to cultivate energies of love and call in more gentleness, harmony, and peace. When we use the crystal, we are aligning ourselves with the same vibration, which in turn will ATTRACT more of it.

And then….. (and here’s the real kicker!!!) ➡️ we take ALIGNED ACTION to further our healing journey and reach our healing goal (cultivating more self love).

Without aligned action, we won’t get much closer to our goal, just like without actually using our hammer and reading the directions and taking action to build, we’re not going to get our piece of furniture built.

💎 You can buy ALLLLLL the crystals you want, but if you’re not taking the additional steps and doing the INNER WORK as well, chances are, you’re not going to truly feel more self love on that cellular level. Yes, you have one part of the equation by surrounding yourself with beautiful energy, but you’re not going to make those SIGNIFICANT SHIFTS happen (which are vital to true healing) without following it up with aligned action.

✨Aligned action can be things like - doing some shadow work to work through the “why’s” of why you feel the way you do or the experiences and buried traumas.

✨Aligned action can be things like making more time for yourself, pampering yourself, practicing other forms of self care, journaling out your feelings, etc

✨Aligned action can be practicing affirmations or working on your overall mindset to help improve the way you feel about how you view yourself.

so… 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

The take away…

Use your crystals to help you as part of your healing journey. use their specific properties to help you call in whatever it is you are trying to heal, manifest, transform, etc….

But make sure you are doing your part too and taking the aligned action necessary to make some real change!

🙏🏻🖤This may be some tough love for some to hear but I say it all with LOVE and I promise you that it is necessary for true transformation and change.

And if you’re needing some guidance, reach out in the comments (or privately)!!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

As a crystal reiki practioner, I can help guide you towards what energies/ crystal tools you can use to help further you on your healing journey or towards reaching your goals!


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