The Manifesting Power of Surrender.

A common theme for me lately as been to surrender.
Tap into my divine feminine and allow space to receive.

So often I am going, going, going and pushing and striving and doing and making things happen (aka being in that dominant masculine energy state).

It’s very hard for me to let go and simply allow.

But then things kept happening……

I would try and push and it just wouldn’t work out the way I wanted.

I would force and try again. And I would either end up making it worse or getting realllly frustrated.

so then I finally looked up and said.

What do I do?!?!?!

Why isn’t this working?!? I’m trying SO hard.

and what did I hear back from my guides….

stop 🛑 trying.

😑😑😑😑😑 ⬅️ my face.

Seriously?!? How can I stop trying. how is it going to work out if I don’t MAKE it happen?!?

But there’s a funny thing about surrendering….

Once you make room for allowance…… things start to actually work out in your favor because you’re creating that space for doing so.

You’re getting out of your own way and allowing the law of attraction to do its thing.

➡️ You’re starting to vibrate at the level of “And so it is” rather than “but how?”

Once you detach from those expectations and simply trust that whatever is meant for you, will happen, that is when things start to work in your favor.

So often when I’ve had stressful moments of, “oh my gosh…. How am I going to make rent this month…it’s impossible.. maybe I can do this or this..” and I literally drive myself mad with worry. Then I have to stop my self and say.. no. Trust. You are already provided for. it will happen.

And I slow down. And I allow that space.

And somehow.. month after month after month…. I’ve been provided for.

Of course, aligned action is always a given so you have to make sure you are doing your part and not just sitting back and saying “pour on the blessings” but you also don’t need to be working SOOOO hard.

I feel hypocritical saying this because I do actually WORK so hard, but that is the beauty of learning to do better.

I am in the process of doing better and each time it becomes a little easier to return to that place of surrender and trust.



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